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Product Spotlight: NT-proCNP ELISA Assay Kit

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NT-proCNP ELISA Assay Kit is for the quantitative determination of human NT-proCNP in plasma and serum samples. 

Important Factors:

  • Extensively validated for serum and plasma samples (more info here)
  • Reliable- 7 human serum based standards and 2 controls for biologically reliable data. 
  • Robust- Excellent stability in all matrices after sample collection 
  • Easy- Conventional 96-well format 

This ELISA has many areas of interest in the study of vascular disease, growth, angiogenesis, spesis, and skeletal development

This ELISA is manufactured by Biomedica and intended for research use only  

For more information visit Eagle Biosciences NT-proCNP ELISA Assay Kit's Product Page

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